Terms of Service

Below are the Terms of Service that you agree to when you create your PEAK 45 account.

Autopay Membership Terms.  

Price, start date and number of classes per month are set at each Monthly Autopay purchase. The price and number of classes shall remain the same so long as the Monthly Autopay remains active. Any interruption in billing or cancellation of the autopay will result in the price being cancelled. If you wish to buy another autopay after cancellation, you will have to purchase a new autopay at the current price rate.

Classes purchased on Monthly Autopay do not roll over. Autopay Memberships are for 3 or 12 months commitment and renew monthly.  After the 3 Months or 12 months, depending on your autopay commitment length the autopay will renew for the commitment autopay period time, you can cancel your membership after the original term at any time so long as you give written notice at least 45 prior to your next billing date. In the event that you need to terminate your Monthly Autopay prior to the end of your commitment time period a fee will be charged. The 3-month commitment period, you agree to pay the remaining time left of your period.  The 12-month commitment you agree to pay 2 month worth of monthly charge. You agree that the early-termination fee may be billed to the card on file.

The Monthly Autopay price is only available to autopay members. By accepting this Monthly Autopay you agree to have your payment automatically billed by PEAK45 to the credit card on file with PEAK45 (the “Studio”). You also agree to keep a card on file with the Studio. Any interruption in billing that lasts more than 7 days will terminate your pricing option. If your Monthly Autopay is terminated for any reason and you wish to restart your membership, a new Monthly Autopay must be purchased.

The following penalties apply: Late-cancel fee (for classes cancelled less than 10-hours prior to class): $15. A No-show fee is $15 and class will be deducted from your monthly pass.

A Monthly Autopay may be suspended once a year for one term of 30 days to 60 days for any reason. After that, a valid medical reason is required. Suspension requires 14-days written notice.

By accepting the Terms of Service you are acknowledging that you understand that there are risks inherent in physical activity generally and Lagree specifically. You assume all risks associated with your presence at and/or your participation in classes, events and private instruction at PEAK45. You acknowledge that these risks include, but are not limited to the risk of contracting Covid-19, and release any and all claims against PEAK45, its employees, insurers, owners, directors and managers for any injury to your person or property. You also acknowledge and agree that PEAK45 may terminate your Monthly Membership at any time and that if your Monthly Membership is terminated for cause, no refund will be issued.

Cancelling Monthly Memberships. 

To cancel a monthly membership outside of the initial 6-month contract period, please provide written notice at least 45 days prior to the cancellation date. Our system is unable to prorate returns. Therefore, cancellations that do not comply with the 45-day rule cannot be refunded.  If you are cancelling within the 6-month period, please remember that an Early Termination Fee will be applied. Please email info@peak-45.com for assistance in cancelling your membership.

Suspending Membership:

Monthly Memberships can be suspended for any reason for a period of 30-60 days once per year. Suspending requires 7-days notice. Any additional suspensions require a medical reason.

Class Packs 

Class packs have expiration dates and are listed online and in the title of the class pack. All classes must be used prior to the expiration date. Expiration dates will not be extended unless there is a medical reason.

Class Packs Can Be Split.

If you purchase a 10 class pack or higher, it may be used to pay for guests.  Each person attending on the pass must create an individual studio account (prior to class) 

Late-Cancel and No-Show Fees.

If you cancel a class less than 10 hours prior to the scheduled start time, you will be assessed a late-cancel fee. If you fail to attend a class you are signed up for, you will be assessed a no-show fee. Fees are assessed based on the payment method used for booking the class.

  • Monthly pass:
    • Late-cancel fee – $15
    • No-show fee – $15 + loss of a class
  • Punch card/Drop In:
    • Late-cancel fee – $15
    • No-show fee – $15 and loss of class


Grace Fee Waiver. Everyone receives one get out of jail free card. To use your get out of jail free card or to receive a refund of late-cancel/no-show fees, your waiver request must be made and resolved within 24-hours of the start time of the missed/late-cancelled class. Any fee waiver made outside this window can only be credited to your account. If you are on the 3-month commitment autopay you are allowed an additional Grace Fee Waiver per 3-month commitment term. If you are on 12-month commitment you are allowed 4 additional Grace Fee Waiver per 12-month term. 

Tardy policy. Students who arrive more than four (4) minutes after the scheduled start time of a class will not be allowed to join. New students must arrive 10 minutes prior to class for orientation. 

Studio Accounts Are Required. Creating an account allows you to electronically sign our waiver and it allows us to contact you in the event of any scheduling changes (i.e. power outages, substitute teachers, etc). 

Grip Socks Are Required. It’s for your safety. Also, it cuts down on odor in the studio and keeps foot sweat from getting on the carriage and pit straps. I think we can all agree that direct contact with another person’s foot sweat is something to be avoided.

Purchase Policy.
Merchandise must be exchanged within 14 days of purchase to the same studio from which it was purchased. Merchandise must not be worn, altered or washed.
Merchandise must have all tags attached and be returned in original packaging.
No cash refunds.

All service sales are final.