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As a news reporter, Peak45 has become a therapy for me: an intense workout surrounded by awesome people with results. It’s a place I want to go to even when I’m exhausted!

Megan Green

As a mom of two with a career, I had never heard of a Megaformer before, but after my first class I was hooked!

Susan Folau

All I do is Dream about PEAK. It’s my all time favorite work out class. You will leave shaking and sweating!

Brooke McNaughton

As of tonight, I have also noticed that my butt is firmer and more lifted…such quick results (but not without a LOT of shaking)!!!

Anndee Argyle

GREAT WORKOUT! Intense but only 45 min and kicks your butt so it’s perfect for my busy schedule! The machine works out all of your muscles and tones you up fast and the instructors are great! It’s a fun way...

Corrie Lothrop

As a former gymnast, holy hell thank god Peak45 is only 45 minutes! It’s nonstop burning, shaking but in an amazing way! I’ve now done 3 classes and am already feeling stronger. It’s my new fav workout because it’s never...

Kyle Lowry, NBA

Kyle Lowry says Megaformer Pilates “Extreme Pilates” was essential to his training regimen. “It’s 45 minutes of solid work. It’s fun. It’s something completely different from what I do every day.” Kyle Lowry, Point Guard, NBA 

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) claims “Megaformer Pilates is the best thing you can do for your body” 

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara says her go-to workout is on the Megaformer machine with Sebastien Lagree. She even has a Megaformer in her home.  

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Models stay in shape with the Megaformer. They prefer it because it’s not going to bulk them up. It helps create that long, lean look. Because the Method is so intense, Lagree says the models only need to work...