Kristen Kenney, CEO/Co-Owner

Having played D1 soccer at Elon and the University of Miami, I am a fan of high intensity workouts that target both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. Like many, I got hooked on the Lagree Fitness Method / Megaformer when I was living in LA and attending classes at Pilates Platinump, owned by fitness guru Heather Dorak. I relocated to Salt Lake City last year to work as the sideline reporter for the Utah Jazz, and quickly realized Utah is missing out on this killer workout.

As I travel around the country with with Jazz, I get to drop in to some of the best Lagree Studios. With my busy schedule, this 45 minute high intensity, low impact workout gives me everything I need. My body is leaner, toner and stronger! I hope you love the Megaformer as much as I do!

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Brooke Slizeski, Teacher / Customer Relations Manager

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Tiffany, Training Lead & Facilitator

I am a high school teacher by day, and fitness instructor by night. As a former BYU Cougarette, the majority of my life has been spent as a professional dancer, coach and choreographer.

As much as I love dance, it’s taxing on the body, so I’ve always had interest in finding new ways to make my body stronger. Power Yoga quickly became my new form of both therapy and exercise. In fact, I wrote a proposal that was granted approval in 2016 to incorporate Yoga in the master course catalog in the Canyons School District. I currently teach yoga at my high school and with Salt Lake Power Yoga.

I love teaching, sharing my passion, and transforming lives, which I can’t wait to do with PEAK | 45!


Joey, Training Lead & Facilitator

I’ve always been one to challenge myself – musically, professionally and most definitely physically. Whether it was hours on end of practice, late-nights turned to early mornings working or looking to add one more yoga class to the day – capacity is a boundary I love to stretch! Teaching for the past four years at Salt Lake Power Yoga has definitely shown me that we are all our greatest generator of challenge, motivation and success.

When I took my first megaformer class I didn’t know what hit me. “Momentum is not a muscle” felt more like a joke than a challenge at first but my inner athlete was so intrigued by the after-burn. PEAK | 45 is the perfect balance of strength and endurance that I’m excited to share the shakes with!

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Krissi – Quality Assurance Ambassador

Krissi not only teaches early mornings for PEAK45, but she also is our Quality Assurance Ambassador. She is responsible for the quality of our classes to ensure you are getting the best experience.

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Robin,  9AM/Noon

I have been teaching yoga and yoga sculpt in the fitness industry for 10+ years.  Teaching has been one of the great joys and gifts of my life.  Peak 45 and Lagree have brought a new dimension to my life and the SLC fitness community.  This method is a revolutionary way to exercise, and I’m honored to share it with SLC.

Sports and fitness being a big part of my life, I am thrilled at the opportunity to be an instructor here at Peak45 and introduce Lagree fitness to SLC!

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Katie, Physical Therapist

I grew up in Logan, UT and received my Bachelors in Human Movement Science at USU before moving back east to attend grad school at Sacred Heart University where I received my DPT. I have always been an active individual which ultimately influenced my decision to become a Physical Therapist. I currently work at the University of Utah hospital helping patients afflicted with neurological injuries. I see the human body do AMAZING things everyday and my patients are so inspiring!

I enjoy road biking, yoga, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, backpacking, snowboarding…. pretty much all the things a Utah kid grows up doing! Because I lead such an active lifestyle, I’ve always enjoyed a good workout and keeping my body healthy and strong. I was only recently introduced to the Lagree method and I can’t get enough of it! Any of the aches/pains I get with my normal gym routine are totally gone since I’ve been using Lagree. And the best part? After only 3 classes I started to feel like the hulk! I instantly fell in love with this workout method and I know you will too!

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Tyler, 6AM/7AM

I played soccer in college and continue to play regularly.  Soccer took me east, my career brought me back to Utah, the recreational scene made me stay.  I slalom ski in the summer and snow ski in the winter.  I am always involved in various activities and try to keep my body in peak shape all year round in order to perform at high levels. Name it, I probably do it.  I wear a suit to work and you’d likely never guess my profession if you saw me outside of the office.  I place a high value on my work-life balance and fitness is an integral part of that.

I am always on the go and I love the idea that I can sculpt my whole body through a 45-minute, high-intensity class that also protects my ankles and knees (obviously destroyed from years of soccer).  PEAK 45 is my new favorite drug, I’m addicted.  I first tried the Lagree Fitness Model when I lived in Washington, DC and am ecstatic to be part of the first studio to teach it in Salt Lake.

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Alison,  10AM/Noon

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Paxton 630P Thursday & 6/7A Friday

Growing up I spent every hour outside of school dedicated to gymnastics. My aspirations to compete at the collegiate level were cut short by injuries. Since then, I have continuously looked for other ways to match the fitness challenges that gymnastics offered to me. That is until I found Lagree. Lagree has helped me gain back my strength, flexibility, and confidence physically and mentally. I am a lawyer by weekday and a SkyDiver by weekend. This method and its quick results has become an essential training tool for preparing me to jump out of planes around the world.

As your instructor, I want to find out why you Lagree and how I can help you feel successful. Is Peak 45 your mental break for the day? Is it a training tool? Is it a place you can meet new friends? At Peak 45, I am on your team and cannot wait to help you reach your goals!

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Karlee, 430PM Friday

Nicole 3 (2)

Nicole, 930/1030 Sunday

Growing up north of Chicago, I spent many years as a gymnast, a figure skater, and a tennis player. I moved to SLC in 2014 to get my PhD in biological anthropology, which I am working on at the University of Utah. I soon found myself an avid yogi at SLPY and taking advantage of the fantastic outdoor scene by running, hiking, and skiing.

Sports and fitness being a big part of my life, I am thrilled at the opportunity to be an instructor here at Peak45 and introduce Lagree fitness to SLC!

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Mindy,  9AM/Noon Friday

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Rhiannon, 9AM

As a busy mother of 4, speaker, and author, I am always looking for ways to maximize my time and my workout. I grew up in a family of dancers and martial artists; my family has always been an intense group of competitive individuals who constantly support one another and love to sweat together. I have been training with my parents and siblings since I was a child and love to be the one to hand out the butt kicking at Peak 45!  Over the years I’ve taught old school aerobics, classic weight training, and various dance modalities. While I love expression through dance, it can sometimes be tough on the body.

A few chronic injuries have limited my workouts until I found the Lagree Fitness Method / Megaformer. I love the high intensity of the 45 minute class and the low impact on my joints! I can literally feel myself building strength and endurance with each workout!

We are all stronger than we think and I love that I can share this message through teaching.