It is not Pilates, it is called Lagree.

Lagree is a series of low impact exercises under continuous tension using our unique machine.  Quick transitions keep your total body and core activated for 45 minutes to achieve that slow burn for a stronger and leaner you!

We will work your entire body in 45-minutes of strength, endurance, cardio, balance and flexibility exercises on the spring loaded MEGAformer. The goal is to keep you in the fat burning zone for the entire duration of class in order to build long, lean muscles. Through high intensity low impact movements you will safely transform your body in a fun upbeat small group environment. 

Founded by celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree, the Lagree MEGAformer Method has been around for 11 years and is recently gaining more and more popularity among celebrities, royalty and professional athletes.

“Megaformer Pilates is the best thing you can do for your body” –  Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

“I can now fit into my pre-baby jeans!” – Ellen Switzer, PEAK|45 member

“It’s 45 minutes of solid work. It’s fun. It’s something completely different from what I do every day.” Kyle Lowry, NBA Point Guard

“With this workout, you heal. And you’re really working. You’re getting much stronger, you’re getting cardio without running, you’re burning tons of fat. Honestly, everybody should be doing it. The workout, it’s going to be the future,” World Peace 




The Megaformer is basically a reformer on steroids! This spring loaded machine challenges your balance, core, strength, flexibility, endurance in every single movement to push your muscles to maximum exertion. The weighted springs and moving carriage create continuous tension and demands constant engagement of your core.  It’s Mega-LICIOUS!




Driven by upbeat music and high energy, you will plank, lunge, push and pull your way through muscle fatigue until your muscles SHAKE – the SHAKE is what you want. Why? That means your body is changing, in a good way!




Who said slow is bad? Each exercise will be done as SLOW as you can go. Why? Because going slow takes out the MOMO (momentum), which in turn helps you build endurance and muscle stimulation. How? Because time under tension with zero breaks increases your heart rate and activates slow twitch muscle fibers. In other words, slower is better because it builds endurance, burns fat, builds deep core strength, long and lean muscles, balance and flexibility, improved concentration, and a body that is less prone to injury.




While our method is not Pilates, the benefits are similar (AND then some).

PEAK|45 improves:

Body Awareness


Balance (stabilizing muscles)

Range of Motion