Our Team


Kristen Kenney, CEO/Co-Owner

Be prepared to hold exercises for a long slow burn with Kristen aka KK. This former D1 soccer player became a fan of the Lagree Method while living in LA and attending classes at Heather Dorak’s Platinum Pilates.

Now a sideline reporter for the Utah Jazz, she craves this efficient 45 minute workout at least three times a week.


Brooke, Studio Manager

Brooke is the woman behind the texts, emails and calls. She is the jelly to the bread, the cream cheese to the bagel. 🙂 Should you need anything, Brooke is there to assist…and now she is a Lagree Certified Teacher who can also put the ASS in your killer ASS kicking workout!


Joey, Advanced Lagree Certified & Teacher Training Lead

Joey is our Lead Lagree Instructor at Peak45. He is also well known in the fitness community as certified Yoga instructor.

He loves ice coffee, cookies and anything sweet, but most importantly, he loves to challenge his students while swearing at them along the way!

Jen Thorn

Jen Thorn, Advanced Lagree Certified & Park City Lead

Jen Thorn is a master at body alignment, body correction to maximize your results. She comes from a diverse fitness background including personal training, barre, dance and cycling. She will ensure your body is in proper form throughout your 45 minute workout.

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Alison, Advanced Lagree Certified

From teaching Barre and Dance to Pilates, Alison is a master at the slow burn. This Advanced Level II Lagree Instructor at Peak45 will get you into activation quickly. She may even purr when you enter the shake zone!

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Tyler, Advanced Lagree Certified

What doesn’t Tyler do? From soccer to skiing to slalom(ing?), she is a well rounded athlete. Her high energy spirit is contagious and sure to jump start your hectic work day.

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Karlee, Advanced Lagree Certified

Karlee spends most of her days working on her patients’ smile as a dental hygienist, but in her free time she is a fitness guru. She teaches yoga at SLPY and is a Level II Advanced Lagree instructor at PEAK45.

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Robin, Advanced Lagree Certified

Robin brings 10+ years of fitness experience to PEAK|45.  She is a certified yoga instructor at CorePower and is certified in Level II Lagree.


Megan Green, Advanced Lagree Certified

Megan is trained in both Classical Pilates and Advanced Lagree at Peak45. Her energy and passion for fitness and her clients achieving their maximum is contagious.


Kendall Banks, Lagree Certified

Kendall has a full time job changing lives and in her spare time she is a certified Yoga instructor at SLPY and certified Lagree instructor at Peak45. Her classes are fun, upbeat with the occasional swear word.