Our mission

PEAK|45 is here to give our clients the full-body results they have always wanted in a fun, safe, efficient and effective workout. We believe in working hard, and having fun while doing it. “Better Sore Than Sorry.” From our client services team to our amazing instructors, we are dedicated to providing you with the best 45-minutes of your day and a community that supports you in reaching your goals.

PEAK|45 was founded in 2017 by Kristen Kenney and SLPY. Kristen discovered the Lagree Megaformer Method when she lived in LA and attended her first class at Platinum Pilates. She instantly became addicted to the method… and its results!

After moving to SLC to take a job with the Utah Jazz, she realized how much she needed the workout. So, she and SLPY joined forces to open PEAK|45!

“There is nothing like it,” she said. “As a former D1 athlete, it is the only exercise that allows me to get a high intensity butt kicking workout without any joint pain. In under an hour I feel stronger, healthier and happier. I love that I can push my body without impact. I love that each class I get stronger and the class never gets easier!”


Efficient & Effective

Get the results you have always wanted…FAST! Each PEAK45 minute class is designed to keep you under tension for 45-minutes to achieve muscular fatigue, which results in strong lean muscles and core strength within days. You will activate muscle groups you never knew you had, and you’ll have fun doing it!

Cardiovascular & Muscular Endurance

Slower = Harder. Going slow and controlled has many benefits. It removes the MOMO (momentum) from the equation and gets you to muscle fatigue faster. Reaching muscle fatigue is a good thing because it builds endurance. You will find yourself sweating in no time, and sore muscles after your first couple sessions. But it’s a good sore. That’s the change happening in your body. Just remember, at PEAK45 Lagree, the slower you move, the better the results!

Safely Improve Mobility

Our high intensity low impact workout is safe on the joints, spine, and connective tissues and improves overall mobility, flexibility and balance. It is great for injury prevention because we target slow twitch muscle fibers and muscle support groups you do not typically workout at the gym. The core is one of the greatest benefactors of PEAK45 Lagree. You will notice your core improve in days, which will translate to better posture and alignment.

Empowering & Fun Community!

Driven by upbeat music and highly energetic and encouraging teachers, our fast paced workout will not only improve your physical health but also give you confidence and a strong sense of community as you work to achieve your fitness results!



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