Student Spotlight – Megan byKristen Kenney

As a mom of two who has a career, I’ve tried so many different types of workouts in Utah: step aerobics, weight training, heavy weight training, running, spinning, power yoga, and Pilates. Each of those were enjoyable, but I have never seen such quick results like I have with PEAK45.

I had never heard of a Megaformer before, but after my first class I was hooked!

I’ve had a noticeable increase in strength in just the 2 months I’ve been doing the Peak45 workouts. I’m seeing noticeable muscle definition in my back and shoulders. Even a couple of my Pilates instructors have commented. My tummy and thighs are also showing more definition and increased strength. And although I didn’t think weight loss was a goal when I started, I’ve lost 6 pounds and the University’s Bod Pod shows a decrease in body fat by 3%. But honestly, I love the feeling of finishing a class and knowing that I just accomplished something so challenging.

Plus, they’re fun. The instructors bring so much energy to the class and I look forward to going. I actually have to remind myself to take a day off.