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Here’s Something Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, and Michelle Obama Have in Common: Their Workout

There’s a workout craze sweeping America—and while you might not have known it existed, celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, and even First Lady Michelle Obama have been onto it for years now. It’s called Lagree Fitness, or as many like to call it: Pilates on steroids.

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Here’s how it’s different: Lagree Fitness is specifically done on a machine called the Megaformer. At first glance, it looks similar to a torture device (and to some could be considered one) because it has springs, straps, and pulleys, all of which are used to add strength training and resistance to Pilates-type moves.

In just 50 minutes on it, you get a high-intensity full-body workout with no impact on your joints or spine. And because it’s so efficient, you only have to do it three times a week to see results. But I do warn, it’s hard.

I’ve been at it for more than a year now at The Studio (MDR) in Los Angeles and it’s the best workout I have ever done. My core is stronger, my mind is stronger, and I like my booty again. The only challenge is that the workout hasn’t gotten easier, and that’s exactly why it works.

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“My body never fully adapted to the ever-changing routine,” says The Studio (MDR) founder and CEO Lisa Hirsch. “I had tried classical Pilates and liked it, but it wasn’t until I met [The Studio (MDR) head trainer] Ky Evans at another studio that I really got how special the Lagree Method was. He truly helped to change my body.”

Hirsch opened her first studio in 2011 and will now have three open by fall. It’s all because the clients can’t get enough of the Megaformer.

“It allows for the body to shift smoothly from one exercise to another, increasing heart rate and attacking each and every muscle in a very concentrated and focused manner,” she says.

The results are long, lean, toned muscles that both men and women love. Plus, anyone can do it no matter how athletic they are. Kim Kardashian gets in shape with the Megaformer at a studio called Pilates Plus in Encino, Calif., while Sofia Vergara is known to have one in her home.

“It’s the only workout that effectively combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core, and flexibility training, not only in one session but in each and every move,” says SLT CEO and founder Amanda Freeman. She too opened her first studio in 2011, in Manhattan, and gave it an appropriate name: Strength, Lengthen, Tone, or SLT for short. She now has a few locations in and around the city, including a studio in the Hamptons.

 She adds, “Results can be seen (and felt) within the first few sessions: Obliques become more visible, glutes are lifted and abs are flattened.”

And who doesn’t want that?

If you’re near the beach in Los Angeles, I recommend a class with Mary Miller or Lindsay Hallam at The Studio (MDR) to start or with Ky Evans if you feel you’re more advanced. If you’re not on either coast, there are Lagree Fitness studios popping up everywhere. Watch the video below to see some of the basic moves and visit to find a studio near you.

Have you tried Lagree Fitness?